Fast Security Questionnaire Completion


  • Machine-learning and NLP auto-generate accurate answers from your Trust Cloud in seconds
  • Save your MVPs from the drudgery of answering questionnaires and manually maintaining a knowledge base
  • Track what you’ve told each customer, and ensure that you're in compliance with your commitments
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So simple, you’ll see the value in 15 mins

Why Respond?

You hate security questionnaires. We built you a truthful robot

  • Don’t spend weeks building and maintaining question banks or knowledge libraries that become stale quickly
  • Don’t struggle with old-school UX from legacy RFP response tools
  • You've already done the work. Generate answers directly from your controls and policies in Trust Cloud
How Respond helps you

Rapid, truthful responses to unblock sales

Intelligent Responses

Accurate answers from Trust Cloud

We use ML and NLP to auto-suggest answers to assessments based on controls and policies in your Trust Cloud, as well as previously answered questionnaires. Provide your customers with a complete and accurate view of your compliance program to avoid endless follow-ups that slow down the sales process.

Built-in Collaboration

Responding as a team sport

Intelligently assign questions to your colleagues. Have them review and approve auto-generated answers. Complete questionnaires in record time.

Ready Answers to Standard Questionnaires

Auto-complete SIG, VSA, and CAIQ

Stop repeatedly answering the same “standard” security questionnaires. Take advantage of Respond’s built-in SIG, VSA, and CAIQ answer generation module to quickly unblock sales.

Track your Truth

Reduce legal and compliance risk

Reduce your legal liability by archiving all your responses, tracking the controls and policies you’ve told customers you have, and getting alerts when you’re not in compliance with those policies and controls.


Interested in getting Respond?

Talk to us and we'll show you how you can effortlessly map your business and auto-generate truthful and accurate answers to security questionnaires.

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So simple, you’ll see the value in 15 mins