The world's first revenue-generating compliance platform

  • A tailored, testable program that keeps you audit-ready for multiple certifications
  • Auto-generated, intelligent responses to security questionnaires
  • Approachable, effortless, and joyful compliance (yes, we said joyful)
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So simple, you’ll see the value in 15 mins

Have you been frustrated by how opaque and manual compliance is?

We certainly have. In 20 years of building businesses, our product, engineering, security, and operations teams have always hated how it affected their day jobs.

Have you ever been excited about answering a security questionnaire?

We’ve answered 100s of them, and hate how they slow down sales cycles. Why isn't there a better way?


Effortless compliance, none of the pain

Clearly understand scope

Crafted controls

Adopt demystified, auto-generated controls, without having to deal with the confusion that comes from opaque audit requirements.

No tedious writing

Accurate policies

Get customized policies that are built from controls in your program, and enable magical transparency about how your policies reflect your true compliance posture.

Manage your risk

Generated systems register

Maintain your product and business stack with a tailored systems register that contains data confidentiality and privacy classification.

Test everything easily

Automated test workflows

Test controls and policies with API-based integrations to systems. Periodic self-assessment workflows remind teams to attest and upload evidence.

Map to many certifications

Readiness assessment

Always know how far you are from achieving ISO 27001, HIPAA and SOC 2. You’ll be amazed how close you are after you set up Trust Cloud.

Earn customer trust

Confident responses

Leverage previous answers, or generate accurate responses to security questionnaires directly from your Trust Cloud.


We make compliance approachable and joyful for you

Month 1


Map each system in your product and business stack based on the data it stores or processes.
Adopt security-focused controls, tests, and policies that we auto-craft for you.
Use API-based connectors to your systems to test your controls and become compliant.

Month 2


Adopt additional controls, tests and policies for ISO 27001, HIPAA, and SOC 2 audit-readiness.
Generate evidence via automated tests or self assessments to validate controls.
Maintain compliance artifacts like asset inventory, vendor register, and a risk register.

Month 3


Conduct final internal audit of all controls, policies, evidence, and compliance artifacts.
Complete your readiness assessment before starting the audit.
Begin audit process.

Month 4


Adopt new recommendations, and improve security and compliance with continuous testing.
Conduct periodic audits to stay truthful and compliant.

Do you want to check a box or earn a reputation?


"Check a box" compliance
  • Piles on risk in your business
  • Hard to understand
  • Tedious, lots of spreadsheets
  • Lots of DIY manual work
  • Expensive


Earn a reputation with your customers
  • High trust, accelerates sales
  • Demystified and approachable
  • Effortless, completely digital
  • Intelligent and automated
  • Affordable
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So simple, you’ll see the value in 15 mins