TrustShare Data Rooms: Securely Share Confidential Documents with Customers

Tejas Ranade17 Dec 2021

At Kintent, our mission is to make it effortless to earn trust in every business relationship. We fundamentally believe in operating with complete transparency and openness. By publishing our product roadmap and sharing new feature updates, we hold ourselves accountable to you, and continue to prove that we deliver on our commitments.

Our beliefs shine through to our product development methodology, where new features are developed based on lessons from numerous customer interactions and interviews, and early versions are vetted with design partners. When we release a feature to your instance, we want you to be able to tell that we poured ourselves into it — that we’ve joyfully crafted Kintent just for you.

Your Challenge

You’ve been inundated with security review requests during enterprise sales and renewal cycles. Customers and prospects have been asking to see evidence of your compliance and overall security posture (i.e. policy documents, SOC 2, HIPAA or ISO 27001 audit reports, etc.) However, each customer also brings their own unique requests – they want to see a specific document, or ask if you have filled out a particular form, and so on.

How do you stay on top of all these requests in a timely manner, and enable your sales team to share the right information with the right customer? Once you’ve shared such documents, how do you track what each customer received, how long they have access to it, what commitments were made, and what liabilities your business is taking on as a result?

During this process, you may have discovered that your team might even be (cue gasp) sending these confidential documents over email.

So we heard you hyperventilating into the brown paper bag and crafted an elegant solution.

How We Solved Your Challenge

As we shared last week, TrustShare automatically pulls details from the platform, such as your controls, policies, security questionnaires, and sub-processors, so that sales and compliance teams can securely share these details with prospects and customers. Keyword: securely.

Securely Invite customers: By using the new Data Rooms feature in TrustShare, sales and security teams now have full control over what documents get shared with each customer, by creating a data room for each customer, where specific documents that need to be accessible to that customer can be added.

Share under NDA: To provide internal checks-and-balances to validate that your confidential data is being shared under NDA, a creator of a new customer Data Room is required to attest and provide evidence to the fact that an NDA has been signed with the customer who is being invited into the Data Room.

Manage Data Room Access: Once a Data Room has been created, you can control how long each customer has access to your confidential information, and turn off access at any point.

Built-in Watermarking of Documents: Each document shared via TrustShare can be set to be watermarked on download. The documents will automatically have the email address of the user downloading the document, and a date and time stamp watermarked on every page when downloaded.

The Value To You

With Data Rooms you will be able to:

  • Empower your sales and security teams to share security and compliance information with customers and prospects to work through deals faster
  • Easily manage access and ensure that your confidential documents are only accessible to authenticated customers
  • Continually earn trust with your customers and prospects by providing concrete evidence of your compliance and security posture

Because we like to practice what we preach, you can view our TrustShare here.

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