Workflow Automation: Smart Inventory Management is Now Live

Tejas Ranade7 Oct 2021

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At Kintent, our mission is to make it effortless to earn trust in every business relationship. We also fundamentally believe in operating with complete transparency and openness. In publishing our product roadmap and openly sharing new feature updates, we’re holding ourselves accountable to you and proving that we deliver on our commitments.

New features are developed based on learnings from numerous customer interactions and interviews. Moreover, we vet early versions with design partners before finalizing a release. When we do release a feature to your instance, our objective is to make you feel like we put everything into it — leaving you with the belief that Kintent has been “joyfully crafted” for you!

Your Challenge

During a SOC 2, HIPAA, or ISO 27001 audit process, an auditor will want to review inventories of various kinds of assets, artifacts and people in your organization because these inventories are required to meet certain compliance control requirements. To satisfy these inventory requirements, your team has to spend hours manually creating lists of numerous items across your business, including team members, servers, security alerts, databases, etc.

Manually creating lists is a pain!

How We Solved Your Challenge

You can now connect TrustOps to multiple SaaS vendors that you use to run your product and business, and we automatically collect inventory lists from these vendors to satisfy audit requirements. With this new release, TrustOps intelligently creates the following inventory lists for you:

  • Databases in AWS RDS
  • Logs from AWS Cloudwatch
  • Alerts from AWS Cloudwatch Alerts
  • IT assets from Jamf and Duo
  • HR lists from BambooHR and TriNet

Many more automated inventory lists are coming soon. Got one that you’d like us to prioritize for you – let us know by sending an email to

Value to You

With smart inventories, we’re saving you from having to suffer through a ton of manual effort by automating inventory creation for you and your team. We also ensure that the data being collected is accurate and meets your audit requirements. By integrating TrustOps with your product and business systems, we make evidence collection smarter, better, and more truthful for you.

Coming Soon!

HR SaaS system integrations: Collecting evidence from your HR systems is a key requirement for compliance audits. We want to automate that for you, so we can remove the drudgery of compliance for your HR team.

Kintent is as much your product as it is ours. What else would you like us to work on?

Let us know by sending an email to

Tejas RanadeVP of Product


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