Seamlessly Enable Workflow Automation with Intelligent Assignment

Tejas Ranade10 Aug 2022

Your Challenge:

Compliance is a team sport, and many people in your organization play a part in achieving your goals. You struggle with figuring out who needs to own each piece of work, and when you do, assigning work one item at a time feels like an endless exercise. And your team members hate being bombarded with email notifications.

How can you allocate work within your organization quickly and efficiently and get your colleagues’ help to start moving your team forward immediately?

How We Solved Your Challenge:

The concepts of ownership and workflow automation are central to Trust Cloud. Today, we’re announcing our new Intelligent Assignment initiative, created to streamline your processes and easily distribute compliance tasks to entire teams.

We’re beginning with intelligent group ownership assignment, a brand new bulk action paradigm for compliance controls, improved task assignment, and more focused notifications. With our latest update, you can:

  • Assign controls, policies, systems, vendors, and tasks to a department leader in a single click. Once you designate group owners, TrustOps will automatically distribute your team’s compliance work to the appropriate team leader, tell each leader what they own, and guide them to the next step.
  • Work more efficiently by selecting multiple controls and quickly assigning them to the appropriate owners or groups.
  • Let TrustOps do more of the legwork. When assigning an artifact, we’ll automatically check if there are any open tasks related to it and ask if you’d like to reassign those to the new artifact owner.
  • Breathe easier knowing that you’re not swarming your team with emails. We’ve improved our notification engine and eliminated unnecessary tasks to offer a more focused experience.

Value to You:

The goal of Intelligent Assignment is to make sure no one is ever left wondering, “who’s in charge of that?” This release is just the beginning. We’ve made it easier to reach your goals faster by dividing work quicker and more efficiently and reducing clutter. In the coming weeks, you can expect bulk actions to be rolled out across the rest of TrustOps, and we have plenty more in store.

Interested in learning more about how you can get your team up to speed with compliance tasks? Schedule a demo with us today!

Tejas RanadeVP of Product


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