How Respond Makes Answering Security Questionnaires a Team Sport

Tejas Ranade2 Dec 2021

Screenshot of collaboration features in Respond

At Kintent, our mission is to make it effortless to earn trust in every business relationship. We fundamentally believe in operating with complete transparency and openness. By publishing our product roadmap and sharing new feature updates, we hold ourselves accountable to you, and continue to prove that we deliver on our commitments.

Our beliefs shine through to our product development methodology, where new features are developed based on lessons from numerous customer interactions and interviews, and early versions are vetted with design partners. When we release a feature to your instance, we want you to be able to tell that we poured ourselves into it — that we’ve joyfully crafted Kintent just for you.

Your Challenge

Answering security questionnaires requires near constant collaboration between sales, customer success, product, engineering and compliance teams. While collaborating on an Excel spreadsheet first seemed like a good idea, you now realize just how painful it is to leave comments for colleagues, figure out who owns which questions, and have an admin review the responses.

Or you may be working in an RFP tool, but it means double the work for your colleagues in the compliance department as they have to move back and forth between the RFP tool and their compliance automation tool.

In our experience, security questionnaires often get “thrown over the wall” between teams, primarily because it’s a pain for everyone involved to collaborate between their RFP tool, email and messaging apps and endless review meetings.

Is there a solution for this laborious drudgery? It’s not like you’re trying to close a sales deal or anything.

How We Solved Your Challenge

Collaboration is at the heart of what we built in Respond to remove bottlenecks and make it easy for teams to answer questionnaires together. We crafted a number of features to facilitate effortless collaboration:

    • Automatic assignments: Distribute the workload among team members by assigning questions individually or in bulk. Over time, Respond will use the knowledge of who in your team answers what topics, and automatically assign them those types of questions.
    • Effortless Approvals: As a compliance admin, you may want to have a final say on the information you’re sharing with your customers. With the built-in approval flows in Respond, you can now share the burden of answering with the entire team, but still review the answers before they go out.
    • Smart Commenting: No more going into slack and email, or worse – scheduling meetings to figure out how to answer security questions. You can collaborate in the context of a question, automatically notify team members who need to weigh in, and preserve the discussion history for future reference.

    The Value To You

    With these features, we’ve created workflows for sales, customer success and compliance teams to distribute the work and move through the process quickly. We’ve also unburdened product, engineering and compliance teams from being the only ones qualified to answer questionnaires; everybody can help answer them. Lastly, we’re making the process more efficient by allowing you to stay in-app to comment, review and approve answers prior to submitting.

    Interested in exploring how Respond can help you? Schedule a meeting here.

Tejas RanadeVP of Product


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