Control Impact Mapping to Contractual Commitments is Now Live

Tejas Ranade29 Apr 2022

Control impact mapping

Your Challenge

Your business signs security addendums, Data Protection Agreements (DPAs), Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), and agrees to numerous security and privacy related clauses in customer contracts. Do you know if you are adhering to all your security and privacy obligations?

Put another way: Do you know how many millions of dollars of contractual liability you’re sitting on?

Why isn’t there an easy way to track your contractual adherence, or to understand the liability and risk that you’re taking on as a business by not adhering to security commitments?

How We Solved Your Challenge

The new Customer Impact view in TrustOps allows compliance teams to track the commitments made to customers, and see how their compliance program impacts these commitments. Control owners can add which contracts have clauses in them that map to a specific control. This allows control owners and compliance admins to see which customer commitments are at risk when a control fails.

Additionally, when Kintent’s Respond is used to complete a security questionnaire (or a customer downloads policies from Kintent’s Trust Share), policy and control commitments represented in completed questionnaires and downloaded documents will automatically get associated with controls in Trust Cloud.

Value to You

We started Kintent with a simple idea — we want to make it effortless to earn trust in every business relationship. With Control Impact Mapping, you can now easily track your contractual adherence, and prove to your legal team that you are meeting your customer trust obligations.

Additionally, in the event a control fails, your compliance team gets alerted immediately, so that they can act on it and understand the potential business risks of not being in compliance.

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