Continuous HIPAA Compliance

Trust Cloud for HIPAA

  • Comprehensive set of policies to adhere to every HIPAA requirement and ensure you are always compliant
  • Continuously test the security of all your Business Associates that access PHI
  • Become HIPAA compliant in less than 2 months
  • Automation gets you an independent, low-cost third-party assessment
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HIPAA Demystified

A guided HIPAA experience

  • Understand why you need a HIPAA assessment
  • Identify any Protected Health Information (PHI) stored in your systems
  • Craft the necessary policies and identify controls to protect and keep PHI private
  • Implement your controls and collect evidence to prove compliance
How Trust Cloud Helps You

We make HIPAA compliance joyful and approachable

Customized Policies Tailored from your Controls

Stop writing and maintaining policies manually

Get customized policies, derived from controls in your compliance program. Map policies to controls to satisfy your HIPAA assessment requirements, and enable magical transparency by measuring the level of compliance and risk with each policy.

Auto-generated Controls and Tests for your Entire Business

Satisfy all HIPAA requirements effortlessly

Trust Cloud automatically generates the controls and tests you need to secure your business and stay compliant with all HIPAA requirements.

Task Delegation and Collaboration

Federate compliance across your entire team

Assign owners and roles, and rest easy knowing that Trust Cloud auto-generates prioritized tasks tailored for each team member. Granular role assignments restrict access and limit the consequences of unforeseen events such as leaked credentials or compromised access.

Evidence Collection and Workflow Automation

Test and remediate everything easily

Collect evidence effortlessly with API-based automated tests for numerous systems and controls. Assign ownership of systems, controls, and policies across your entire team to enable periodic self-assessment workflows that remind teams to attest and upload evidence.

Map Controls to Multiple Compliance Standards

Prepare for multiple certifications at the same time

Trust Cloud auto-generates mappings to every control in your HIPAA compliance program. When you satisfy a control, you automatically make progress towards being SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant as well.


Milestones to be successfully HIPAA compliant

Kintent Automates & Guides You Through Every Step of the HIPAA Self-Assessment Process

Pre-Assessment Milestones

Understand HIPAA requirements and select the appropriate rule(s) for your organization
Prepare evidence materials to meet the requirements

Assessment Milestones

Complete internal audit review
Remediate any identified gaps

Post-Assessment Milestones

Schedule a third-party assessment
Continuously stay on top of your compliance commitments
Accelerate security questionnaire process

Speak to a HIPAA Assessor

Sign-up for our office hours held every Wednesday from 4 - 5 pm US Eastern Time to speak to a certified HIPAA assessor.