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How revenue-generating compliance helps our customers grow their business

“We never lose a deal, and a deal is never delayed because of security issues.”
“[If] somebody wants a security questionnaire done quick, fast, and in a hurry, I can do it. And then I can go spend time with my family.”
“I’ve talked to multiple CFOs. I tell them, ‘you should go buy this.’”
“This is the easiest audit that I’ve ever been through.”
“The amount of extra work that we have to do at audit time is significantly reduced.”
“I didn’t need to hire a staff of people to do all the work. If Trust Cloud didn’t exist, we would be lost.”
With Kintent “it’s going to go faster, it’s going to be better managed, and the output will be better.”

We love being the Trust Cloud for high-growth companies across many verticals


Our customers achieve compliance and accelerate revenue in record time

23 minutes

For a comprehensive security program

Less than 1 day

To complete security questionnaires

Less than 3 months

To get audit-ready for many standards

Standards, Attestations and Certifications achieved by Kintent Customers

What Are Customers Saying About Kintent?

Kintent Clients

Jacob Lauzier

Co-Founder & CTO

Kintent Clients

These days, many of our customers require security certifications before we begin working together. The faster we get this handled, the more people we can serve.

Kintent has delivered for us — not just with completing ISO 27001 rapidly, but also with making our internal security a more engaging and collaborative team sport.

Kintent Clients

Amanda Quintero

Operations Manager

Kintent Clients

In the business of nurturing communities, building trust is paramount.

It’s been a pleasure to partner up with Kintent to put together and operationalize our information security practices, and get SOC 2 certified!

Kintent Clients

Bill Ledingham


Kintent Clients

Going through the SOC 2 process was a good opportunity for us to button down a lot of processes that we had in place, and make sure that those processes were documented well for internal purposes.

Kintent helped us complete our compliance certification by automating the program using APIs and testing our controls and policies with rapid speed.

Kintent Clients

Jim O'Neill

Co-Founder and CTO

Kintent Clients

Many prominent organizations trust us with their data, and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

Kintent’s software helps us easily ensure that we’re doing everything in our power to protect all of our data so that we can close deals faster than our competitors.

Kintent Clients

Andrew Smeaton


Kintent Clients

We were looking for an automated way to complete security assessments, provide transparency to our customers and partners around our security program, and empower our business units to effortlessly achieve and maintain compliance.


Kintent’s AI and API-based automation unifies both sales and security workflows into one platform, helping us accelerate sales and continuously earn customer trust.

Kintent Clients

Dan Toffling


Kintent Clients

At Folia Health, we make it possible for individuals to receive truly evidence-based, precise care while contributing to groundbreaking research – all in one place. We are extremely conscious of the trust our users have in us to keep their data secure.


Trust Cloud has brought a structure and plan to our security activities. It tells me exactly what I need to take care of, saves me a ton of time, and makes compliance a habit for our company.

Kintent Clients

Tara Hendricks

VP Finance & Administration

Kintent Clients

Securing PHI for our healthcare business is of paramount importance. But, we were maintaining all our security and compliance processes manually, with spreadsheets and online checklists, which was tedious and painful.


Kintent’s Trust Cloud lets us continuously test our compliance program, guides us with a plan that helps us improve, and provides a structured path to multiple compliance certifications. It’s peace of mind.

Kintent Clients

Pat Kinsel


Kintent Clients

At Notarize, our mission is to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives and make notarizations more convenient, secure, authenticated, integrity-preserving, and non-repudiable. Our goal is trust in a digital age through protected online services and transactions.


We chose Kintent’s Trust Cloud to help us apply the same standard to our compliance program.

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