Building a world where trust
can be felt and measured

Our Mission

Make it effortless to earn trust in every
business relationship

We believe that trust is the foundation of every business relationship. Today, businesses are forced to endure an opaque, expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating process to establish trust.
Our first product, Trust Cloud, democratizes every company's ability to quickly and cost-effectively set up, test and get audited for security and compliance certifications, automatically respond to security questionnaires, and confidently share its compliance program with enterprise customers.

With Kintent, compliance becomes a habit, is simple to understand and achieve, and is continuously testable so that your customers can see that you are adhering to all your trust obligations. Kintent is joyfully crafted by a 100% distributed team. We believe that compliance should not be about checking a box. It should be about earning a reputation.

Why don’t we have a system of record for trust?


Joyfully Crafted

Our Mark - A Kite in flight

At Kintent, we balance the challenging journey of working towards compliance with the meticulous precision required to craft successful outcomes in the trust process, and the joys that come with achieving it.
To convey the essence of these objectives, we focused on the qualities “joyful” and “crafted” as the basis of our personality and core aesthetic.
When it came to embodying these qualities in a brandmark, we chose a delta kite. Kites have to be meticulously crafted and precisely engineered to fly, and they fill us with joy, as well as a sense of freedom while we fly them.
Our brand journey began in 2020 with this video. We’ve iterated on our branding strategy and aesthetic expression since then, and will keep evolving these as we grow and mature.

What We Are Made Of

Our values are resilient THREADs that are stitched into the
very fabric of our culture.


We strive to continuously earn the trust of our team, customers, investors, and all other stakeholders - proving we are dependable.


We are diligent caretakers of the health of our business, but never prioritize it over the mental and physical health of our team.


We are passionate about being respectful and courteous. There's no excuse for being a jerk.

Evidence-Based Decisions

Our strategy and operations are driven by evidence, which we collect from our customers, product, team, and partners.


We are fanatical about transparency, and hold ourselves accountable for everything we do.


We work hard to nurture a team that is diverse in identity, belief, background, thought, and experience. Our diversity makes us stronger.


Successful Founding Team
Working Together Again

Kintent is joyfully crafted by a team that has earned each other’s trust over many years, and in the process, earned the trust of thousands of SMB and enterprise customers from across the world.

In our last company, we shipped award-winning, secure, and compliant software at massive scale.

Over 10 Years as Compliance Experts
  • We have been successfully audited for SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR (in private & public companies).
  • We have answered 100s of security questionnaires over 20 years.
Award-Winning UX and Products
  • We have delivered award-winning developer UX, APIs, and SDKs, used by 100s of 1000s of developers all over the world.
  • We were rated a Leader by Forrester and Gartner.
Cloud and Data API Experts
  • We ran production platforms on AWS, Azure and GCP, processing 1B+ API calls / month.
  • We have created 100s of data and auth integrations to cloud and on-premises systems.
World-Wide Customer Trust
  • We have served 300+ enterprise customers over 20 years.
  • We have helped 500+ SMB customers scale over 10 years.
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