Trust Management for your entire team

Accelerate revenue and earn trust
with a joyful compliance platform

  • AI-generated, truthful security questionnaire responses unblock sales
  • Achieve SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 readiness in less than 12 weeks
  • Intelligent automation helps your team focus on their day job
  • Designed to be affordable. Starts at $400 / month
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Companies that value trust use Kintent


Trust Management

Crafted to automate workflows for every team


A single platform to achieve, share and verify
your compliance obligations with customers

Trust Cloud

Map your business

Auto-generate a tailored compliance program

Tell us about your product and business stack, and we'll generate customized controls, tests, policies, and other compliance artifacts that are easy to adopt and understand. Enable test and workflow automation to collect evidence and continuously prove compliance. Effortlessly achieve compliance to multiple standards simultaneously.


Rapid answers to unblock sales

Don't ever maintain a knowledge base again

We use machine-learning and natural language processing to auto-suggest accurate answers from previously answered questionnaires, and controls and policies in your Trust Cloud. Complete security questionnaires quickly, and ensure ongoing compliance by evaluating your adherence to the responses shared with customers.


SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001

Automate workflows and evidence collection

Effortlessly achieve and maintain compliance

We analyze your compliance program, map it to multiple certifications, generate API-based automated tests and easy-to-understand tasks, and prioritize them to help you complete audits successfully.

SOC 2 Compliance
HIPAA compliance
ISO 27001 Compliance
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Kintent Trust Share

Trust Share

Transparently showcase your compliance

Be proactive and truthful with customers

We auto-generate an elegant, comprehensive portal to promote your complete compliance program, differentiating you from your peers, and showing your customers that you are serious about honoring your trust obligations.

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Kintent Trustimonials

We help businesses earn customer trust

Kintent Clients

At Folia Health, we make it possible for individuals to receive truly evidence-based, precise care while contributing to groundbreaking research – all in one place. We are extremely conscious of the trust our users have in us to keep their data secure.


Trust Cloud has brought a structure and plan to our security activities. It tells me exactly what I need to take care of, saves me a ton of time, and makes compliance a habit for our company.

Kintent Clients

Dan Toffling


Kintent Clients

Securing PHI for our healthcare business is of paramount importance. But, we were maintaining all our security and compliance processes manually, with spreadsheets and online checklists, which was tedious and painful.


Kintent’s Trust Cloud lets us continuously test our compliance program, guides us with a plan that helps us improve, and provides a structured path to multiple compliance certifications. It’s peace of mind.

Kintent Clients

Tara Hendricks

VP Finance & Administration

Kintent Clients

At Notarize, our mission is to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives and make notarizations more convenient, secure, authenticated, integrity-preserving, and non-repudiable. Our goal is trust in a digital age through protected online services and transactions.


We chose Kintent’s Trust Cloud to help us apply the same standard to our compliance program.

Kintent Clients

Pat Kinsel


Kintent Clients

Vendor security and compliance evaluation in an enterprise sales process is broken. My team was fed up with this expensive and time consuming process. I wanted an automated way to show our customers that we are serious about being transparent, earning their trust and proving our compliance.


Kintent makes compliance effortless and measurable for us. It’s trust we can rely on.

Kintent Clients

Chris Lynch


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