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Replace manual work with programmatic, API-based control and risk verification, and AI-powered security questionnaire completion
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Companies that value trust use Kintent's Trust Cloud®


A single platform for security, sales, marketing & HR teams


Get ready to pass an audit - quickly

Programmatic security & privacy programs

Tell us about your product and business stack, and we'll generate customized controls, tests, policies, and other compliance artifacts that are easy to adopt and understand.

With automation to collect evidence and a common controls framework, you can easily meet requirements to multiple standards simultaneously.


Let customers know they can trust you

Programmatic Security Portal

Get ahead of customer questions and differentiate your business by showing that you are serious about honoring your security, privacy, and trust obligations.

We programmatically build a streamlined, comprehensive portal to promote your trust and compliance program with your customers, that automatically updates based on integrations with your Trust Cloud - no manual work required.

Multiple Security and Data Privacy Standards

Automate workflows and evidence collection

Effortlessly achieve and maintain compliance

We analyze your compliance program, map it to multiple standards, generate API-based automated tests and easy-to-understand tasks, and prioritize them to effortlessly achieve audit-readiness.

Work with your auditor or an auditor in our network to quickly, cost-effectively, and successfully complete your audits.


Say goodbye to your knowledge base spreadsheet

AI-powered security questionnaires

Close deals, support sales, and save time with a better way to answer security questionnaires.

We use machine-learning and natural language processing to populate accurate answers from previous questionnaires, and controls and policies in your Trust Cloud, so you can stop maintaining spreadsheets and chasing down colleagues.

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Kintent Trustimonials

We help businesses earn customer trust

Kintent Clients

Bill Ledingham


Kintent Clients

Going through the SOC 2 process was a good opportunity for us to button down a lot of processes that we had in place, and make sure that those processes were documented well for internal purposes.

Kintent helped us complete our compliance certification by automating the program using APIs and testing our controls and policies with rapid speed.

Kintent Clients

Andrew Smeaton


Kintent Clients

We were looking for an automated way to complete security assessments, provide transparency to our customers and partners around our security program, and empower our business units to effortlessly achieve and maintain compliance.


Kintent’s AI and API-based automation unifies both sales and security workflows into one platform, helping us accelerate sales and continuously earn customer trust.

Kintent Clients

Tara Hendricks

VP Finance & Administration

Kintent Clients

Securing PHI for our healthcare business is of paramount importance. But, we were maintaining all our security and compliance processes manually, with spreadsheets and online checklists, which was tedious and painful.


Kintent’s Trust Cloud lets us continuously test our compliance program, guides us with a plan that helps us improve, and provides a structured path to multiple compliance certifications. It’s peace of mind.

Kintent Clients

Pat Kinsel


Kintent Clients

At Notarize, our mission is to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives and make notarizations more convenient, secure, authenticated, integrity-preserving, and non-repudiable. Our goal is trust in a digital age through protected online services and transactions.


We chose Kintent’s Trust Cloud to help us apply the same standard to our compliance program.

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