Compliance that accelerates revenue
and earns trust

  • Automated ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC 2 readiness in less than 3 months
  • Accurate security questionnaire responses in seconds
  • Designed to be affordable, starts at $400 / month
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Companies that value trust use Kintent's Trust CloudTM


Continuous compliance and transparent trust
that brings joy to your team


Map your business

Auto-generate your compliance program

Tell us about your product and business stack, and we'll generate tailored controls, tests, policies, and other compliance artifacts that are specific to you, and easy to understand.


Save your team from the drudgery of compliance

Know exactly what to do and how

We analyze your compliance program, generate easy-to-understand tasks, prioritize them, and surface smart recommendations to help you quickly achieve multiple certifications.


Be confident and transparent with your customers

See your gaps and continuously improve compliance

We provide you with APIs, connectors, and testing workflows that integrate with your business, and continuously collect evidence to prove that you are honoring your trust obligations.


Your compliance can unblock the sales process

Respond quickly and avoid endless follow-ups on security assessments

We auto-suggest answers to assessments based on previously answered questionnaires, controls, and policies in your Trust Cloud, so that you can provide your customers with a complete and accurate view of your compliance program.

The value we enable

Learn how customers earn trust with Kintent

At Folia Health, we make it possible for individuals to receive truly evidence-based, precise care while contributing to groundbreaking research – all in one place. We are extremely conscious of the trust our users have in us to keep their data secure.


Trust Cloud has brought a structure and plan to our security activities. It tells me exactly what I need to take care of, saves me a ton of time, and makes compliance a habit for our company.

Dan Toffling


Securing PHI for our healthcare business is of paramount importance. But, we were maintaining all our security and compliance processes manually, with spreadsheets and online checklists, which was tedious and painful.


Kintent’s Trust Cloud lets us continuously test our compliance program, guides us with a plan that helps us improve, and provides a structured path to multiple compliance certifications. It’s peace of mind.

Tara Hendricks

VP Finance & Administration

At Notarize, our mission is to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives and make notarizations more convenient, secure, authenticated, integrity-preserving, and non-repudiable. Our goal is trust in a digital age through protected online services and transactions.


We chose Kintent’s Trust Cloud to help us apply the same standard to our compliance program.

Pat Kinsel


Vendor security and compliance evaluation in an enterprise sales process is broken. My team was fed up with this expensive and time consuming process. I wanted an automated way to show our customers that we are serious about being transparent, earning their trust and proving our compliance.


Kintent makes compliance effortless and measurable for us. It’s trust we can rely on.

Chris Lynch


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So simple, you’ll see the value in 15 mins